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AC motor / single-phase / asynchronous / 230 V
xSR, AR Series Elprom Harmanli



  • AC/DC:

    AC, single-phase

  • Type:


  • Voltage :

    230 V

  • Other characteristics:

    IP55, IP54, with run and start capacitors, aluminum frame

  • Power:

    Max.: 4 kW (5.438 hp)

    Min.: 0.18 kW (0.245 hp)

  • Rotational speed:

    Max.: 2,890 rpm (18,158.41 rad.min-1)

    Min.: 850 rpm (5,340.71 rad.min-1)


This is a single phase motor with a starting and running capacitor. When the device is started the starting capacitor switches on and automatically switches off when the motor reaches its maximum torque. These are very suitable for motion mechanisms where there is a need for high starting and running capacitors like compressors centrifugal pumps or hydraulic pumps. The ASR motors with starting and running in aluminium ESR motors with their capacitors are made of cast iron of thermal class of insulation which is F(155°C).It has a protective varnish RAL 5010. It can produced in various colors and frequency making it possible for the request of the clients.

The terminal box is placed over the motor where the supply wires connect the terminals of the stator winding. The terminal box uses 6 terminals which can be rotated at 90 degrees also.