Gas leak detector / acoustic / ultrasonic / ultra-sensitive
Incus Emerson Automation Solutions - ROSEMOUNT


  • Detected fluid:


  • Technology:

    acoustic, ultrasonic

  • Other characteristics:

    ultra-sensitive, with digital display


Regarded as a state of the art gas leak detection system, the GDU-Incus is fitted with four extremely sensitive acoustic sensors. These sensors monitor wide areas constantly for ultrasound spawning from the discharge of pressurized gas. This device is perfectly suited for monitoring outdoor environments provided they are well ventilated. It is engineered to resist the most intense conditions. while bringing in features that deliver top notch performance and minimal maintenance.

Powered by acoustic ultrasound gas leak detection technology, GDU-Incus has several distinct advantages over traditional gas sensor technologies such as zero wait time until gas concentration buildup to extremely dangerous concentrations and its independence of a gas cloud to eventually make physical contact with a sensor, where the response is instantaneous regardless of the types of gas. The GDU-Incus is able to detect harmful gas leaks fast regardless of the direction of wind, potential gas infusions, leaks or inclement weather.


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