electronic pump controller / for heating / for stand-alone applications / for air conditioning
EXD-HP1/2 Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions



  • Other characteristics:

    electronic, for heating, for stand-alone applications, for air conditioning


Features EXD-HP1/2
• Self adapting superheat/economizer control in conjunction
with EMERSON stepper motor driven electronic expansion
• Discharge hot gas temperature control by liquid/vapor
injection to compressor
• EXD-HP1: Controller with one EXV output
• EXD-HP2: Controller with two independent EXV outputs
• Controllers as slave with Modbus (RTU) communication
capability. All data (read/write) accessible by any third party
controller having modbus communication (RTU)
• Upload/download key (accessory) for transmission of
parameter settings among controllers with the same
• Low pressure switch and freeze protection function
• Manual positioning of valve(s)
• Limitation of evaporating pressure (MOP)
• Low/high superheat alarm
• Monitoring of sensors and sensor wiring / detection of
sensor and wiring failures
• Integrated display (3-digit LEDs) and keyboard
• Electrical connection via plug-in type screw terminals
(included with controller)
• DIN rail mounting housing
• OEM product: Box/order quantities: 20 pieces