press monitoring system / position / force / continuous



  • Type:

    position, force

  • Applications:

    for presses

  • Other characteristics:



EMG presents its new system for the force and displacement control, suitable for the complete range of our manual and pneumatic presses.
Guaranteed quality for monitoring in the working process.
• Permanent quality control
• Control of the manufacturing process
• Total Traceability
• Production monitoring  
Very easy to use, it is programmed by instruction for a typical part. It is then possible to refine the thresholds and windows either directly on the monitor or on a PC using the FMCONTROL software (visualization and memorization of curves). A tool card (credit card format) dedicated to each tool allows a very fast series change directly by the operator.
A light alert (OK and NOK lights) or a buzzer can alert the operator in case of bad control.

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