aluminum cutting machine / rotary blade / profile / CNC
VEGAPACK Emmegi Group



  • Material:

    for aluminum

  • Technology:

    rotary blade

  • Product handled:


  • Control type:


  • Applications:

    for aluminum profiles

  • Other characteristics:

    semi-automatic, with conveyor

  • X travel:

    3,450 mm


Emmegi Vegapack is a 90° cutting centre designed exclusively for cutting of aluminium profile bundles.

Various interconnected units included in the centre make it possible for a single user to operate the complete work cycle, including both loading and unloading of custom-cut bundles.

Available is an optional copy router lift, which enables placement of bundles (maximum 4-5 bundles) by the operator on the loader bench, which is operated by step-by-step accumulation. The bundle is then brought towards the cutting unit by a motor-driven roller. The roller performs the initial bundle trimming along with the following customized cutting, which follows a work cycle set by the software.

When the central roller conveyor, which is fixed to the cutting unit, is displaced, it results in an automatic discharge of the cutting swarf. The unloading table roller then evacuates the pieces, which are cut off from the bundle. The belts then pick up these pieces for subsequent manual unloading by the operator.