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Articulated robot / 5-axis / palletizing / high-speed
MT 630 Emmeti


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Robotic pal

Palletizer at high speed for PET and HDPE bottles

The machine is equipped with two main parts:

- Layer carriage designed to receive bottles from airveyors and move rows of bottles in a pick-up position;

- Robotic pal with gripping head to pick-up layers of bottles and trasfer them onto pallet.

Layer carriage is equipped with a set of pneumatic grippers to hold bottle bodies until they are safely pick-ed up by the robotic head. Its forwarding movement is motorized by a brushless motor. A clutch placed on drive head allows the automatic adjustment of all grippers according to the bottle size in production. The entire carriage is installed on a mechanical hoisting system controlled by an analog linear encoder to allow the height adjustment of all grippers, thus to set the correct pick-up position.

Robotic head includes a mechanical horizontal movement motorized by brushless motor to square bottle rows after the pick-up operation. The job change is fully automatic and performed directly from control console.


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