lead-acid battery / valve-regulated
DataSafe HX series EnerSys



  • Type:

    lead-acid, valve-regulated

  • Nominal voltage:

    Min.: 6 V

    Max.: 12 V


DataSafe batteries are designed for use in UPS applications, which demand the highest levels of security and reliability. All DataSafe battery systems are rated at 100% initial capacity at initial discharge.

DataSafe HX batteries come with a 3 year full plus 7 year pro-rata warranty.

Flame Retardant UL94 case and cover to meet UL 1778
Positive and Negative plate grids made of lead-calcium-tin alloy for long life and efficent recharge
Individual flame arrestign cell vents
100% initial battery capacity
High performance brass threaded receptacle, bolt terminal and faston terminals
Front Terminal HX scales to larger Kva systems 550, 800 and 925 WPC
Front Terminal DataSafe cabinets provides higher energy density in the cabinet