elbow tube connector / composite material / screw-in / quick



  • Structure:


  • Material:

    composite material

  • Other characteristics:

    screw-in, quick


ENGRENAGES HPC has added to its catalogue, a new range of modular structures that are assembled from round tubes.

This innovative modular system allows structures , mobile or static to be assembled or modified very easily and quickly. This modularity and flexibility has been conceived to respond to the current needs of businesses who need to be able to quickly create or adapt furniture, workstations or storage units to meet their ever changing needs.

A module is made up from round tubes in aluminium, stainless steel or carbon that are joined together using connectors made from hard wearing, rigid composite materials that allow quick and easy assembly.

Available components :
-Multi-axe connector for tubes
-90° connector for tubes
-45° connector for tubes
-Panel connector
-Connector for ridged tube
-Connector pour roller tracks
-Roller tracks
-Roller track guides
-Ridged tube
-Mounting plate for castors and tubes
-Tube end
-Label support

Materials :
-Connecters : polymers
-Tubes : aluminium (grey or black ), carbon fibre or stainless steel

Major benefits:
-Shock resistant, long lasting, aesthetic design, durable. Out of all logistics systems, this tube and connector based system is the most flexible and agile, providing the most freedom and the easiest access; it’s the “materials handling” system that allows the greatest creativity and evolution ».
-Compared with conventional systems (especially traditional metal ones), our modular system can, depending on the materials, be as little as a sixth of the weight, making them both more
-ergonomic and more homogeneous..