cleaning tube brush / deburring / honing / stripping



  • Function:

    cleaning, deburring, honing, stripping, dusting

  • Material:

    nylon, stainless steel, brass, steel


Engrenages HPC’s latest catalogue now includes a full range of brushes. These are intended for manual cleaning operations such as scouring, dust removal, pickling, de-scaling, lapping, or deburring cylindrical surfaces, inside tubes, bottles, pin holes, rivet holes, threaded holes, intersecting holes.
They are available in stainless steel, brass, nylon and silk.

These brushes are suitable for use in many different industries: mechanical (workshop, machine tool, maintenance), food, pharmaceutical or medical.

Used to clean internal surfaces, they can also improve the coefficient of friction. They can also be used to remove rust, paint, plastic residues, rubber, scale, dust, etc. in a non-polluting manner and without risk of damage.