ozone analyzer / concentration / benchtop / automatic
O342E E-SERIES ENVEA (ex Environnement S.A Group)



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    automatic, continuous, for ambient air, for monitoring gas emissions, compact, real-time, simultaneous, with data logger, rugged, with touchscreen, high-definition


Polluting components have been fully eliminated with the e-Series: the O342e is the 1st ozone analyzer on the market which does not use Mercury lamp as excitation source!
Specific features:
-Unique LED based UV photometry technology (Patent Pending)
-Eco-friendly & eco-innovative conception
-Provides accurate, extremely stable and repeatable O3 measurements in the range of 0.2 ppb to 10 ppm
-Maximum efficiency, minimum size: compact, lightweight, offering the best metrological performances
-Service assistant inside: detects early signs of trouble, allows predictive maintenance, identifies the service needed and guides the service operations step by step
-Real-time calibration graph, animated synoptic, auto-diagnostic, control and maintenance data screens can be displayed while the instrument is operating
-Auto-ranging / user programmable ranges
-Simultaneous multi-screen remote emulation of the analyzer: minimizes training and on-site expensive expertise needs
-User-friendly: one click to perform zero, span or calibrations using O3 gas generators
-Automatic recognition of plugged electronic boards or optional devices: plug and play principle. Automatic download of updated drivers when connected to internet
-Includes embedded Communication Protocol for XR® Management Software with automatic recognition and configuration
-SmartStatusLight power button on the front panel indicating if the instrument is ready to use or not (On/off, Alarm, Maintenance required…)
-Built-in USB ports and Ethernet connection
QAL1 certified by the TUV, US-EPA approved for compliance with ISO 13964, 2008/50/EC, EN 14625, EN 15267, 40 CFR part 53 and 40 CFR part 58