mercury analyzer / trace / benchtop / monitoring
UT 3000 ENVEA (ex Environnement S.A Group)



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Utilizing the high performance GoldTrap amalgamation module and an optimized state-of-the-art AA-mercury vapor detector the UT-3000 mercury UltraTracer monitor offers detection limits at sub-ng/m³ (ppq-parts per quadrillion) levels.

The UT-3000 mercury analyzer operates automatically. All functions are controlled by an embedded microprocessor. Once the analysis has been started, measurements are performed and data is collected by the built-in data logger. With standard settings the data logger has a recording capacity of 4 weeks.

The UT-3000 requires no expensive gases for operation and there are no negative interferences caused by the quenching effect. Sensitivity and detection limits are far superior to those instruments based on measurement of electrical resistivity of a thin gold film.

As leading innovator for mercury trace analysis Mercury Instruments (part of Environnement S.A Group) develop and manufacture an enormously broad bandwith of mercury analyzers and mercury monitoring systems at the highest technical level. Whether you want to detect mercury in gases, liquids or solids, we'll provide a suitable mercury detector!