radar level sensor / potentiometer / weight and cable / resistance
Nico 15/30 ENVEA (ex Environnement S.A Group)



  • Technology:

    radar, potentiometer, weight and cable, resistance, optical

  • Medium:

    for liquids, for solids

  • Other characteristics:

    analog, 4-20 mA, PROFIBUS, compact, flange-mount, HART, with digital output, with digital display, Modbus, programmable, economical, high-precision, with LED indicator, smart, ATEX, rugged

  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry, for storage tanks, for fill monitoring, for the food industry, fuel tank, for corrosive environments, for double-walled tanks, for hygienic applications, high-temperature, for silos, for sumps, for harsh environments, for hazardous areas

  • Level range:

    Min.: 0 m (0'00")

    Max.: 30 m (98'05")


Radar sensor for
continuous level measurement
of bulk materials
continuous measurement
also under difficult process conditions
can be used on a wide range of different materials
for level measurement in vessels up to 15 m and 30 m height