benchtop data acquisition system / portable / mobile / embedded
E-SAM (DAHS) ENVEA (ex Environnement S.A Group)



  • Mounting:

    benchtop, portable, mobile, embedded, PC-based

  • Options and accessories:

    modular, high-resolution, with data recording system, Ethernet interface, multi-sensor, smart, all-in-one, for environmental analysis, multifunction


Environmental DAHS – data acquisition and handling systems

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Designed to seamlessly manage increasing volumes of data, the new generation of Data Acquisition and Handling Systems (DAHS) from iséo our software branch - Environment S.A Group – is ideally suited for the management of environmental metrology (air, weather, water, noise...).

Key benefits

Real time data acquisition (via analogue, RS232, TCP-IP, Modbus). Over 250 communication protocols of more than 52 analyzer manufacturers included
Automatic analysis and pre-validation of real-time data
Automatic Data Transfer to iséo software (WEX - CEMS software, XR - AQMS software) or other system via an API
Management of instrument’s calibration, instant alarms transmission: threshold violations, devices malfunctions, etc
Coming with a host of user friendly features SAMTM DAHS brings also stand-alone compact design and WEB server based HMI for remote control. They are available in both Windows and Linux versions and ensure our customers can meet their regulatory requirements with certainty and confidence.