environmental analysis calibrator / for air analyzers
MGC101 ENVEA (ex Environnement S.A Group)



  • Applications:

    for environmental analysis, for air analyzers


The MGC101 is a multi-gas multi point calibrator. It is used for ambient air gas analyzer calibration.
It can be used in mobile labs and air quality monitoring stations for both automatic and remote calibration. It is mainly used as a reference calibrator in central station.
This device can provide span, precision, automatic zero and multi point calibration as well as GPT (gas phase titration).
It provides automatic calculation of span gas flow and dilution, based on a preset concentration. It excludes any need for manual calculations and allows fast transition from point to point. It has an internal mass flow controller which allows high accuracy and makes field recalibration simple and easy. This device can simultaneously connect to up to 4 gas cylinders but there is also an option to increase this number to 5. The programming is easy via the keyboard and a pop-up menu.