particle sampling system / powder / coal / automatic
PM162M ENVEA (ex Environnement S.A Group)



  • Sample type:

    particle, powder, coal

  • Technology:

    automatic, continuous-flow, modular

  • Applications:

    for environmental analysis

  • Other characteristics:

    with sample preparation automation system


The PM162M is an automatic sequential particle sampler from Environment that is designed to automatically sample particulate on a filter using TSP, PM2.5, or PM1 inlets. It has a 5U rack for installation in a rack cabinet and a large filter holder capacity of up to 22 filter cassettes which allows up to 21 days of unmonitored sampling of particulate matter. The filter diameter measures at 47 mm and generates a flow rate of 2.3m3/h or 1m3/h.

It also has a true volumetric air flow control with atmospheric temperature and pressure sensors that prevents the insertion of particulates in the size fractioning inlet. It contains a temperature-regulated sampling tube to avoid objects on the filter. Furthermore, the sampler complies with last EU CEN recommendations for PM2.5 sampling and measurement.