nitrogen oxide analyzer / nitrogen dioxide / nitrogen monoxide / concentration
AS32M ENVEA (ex Environnement S.A Group)



  • Measured entity:

    nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen monoxide

  • Measured value:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, automatic, for ambient air, compact, multi-parameter, simultaneous, with data logger, chemiluminescence


The AS32M is manufactured by Environment S.A., and is a nitrogen dioxide analyzer that is ideal for use in accurately regulating nitrogen dioxide levels ranging from 0 ppm up to 1 ppm. It is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications including air regulation, indoor air quality regulation, mobile and fixed regulating laboratories, and in gauging medical gases.

The unit gauges the sample directly, thus eliminates the need of any chemical conversion equipment such as a convertor, ozone generator, external pump, scrubbers, and it does not emit and toxic gas. It has a short response time of 10 seconds, and has the capacity to spot short events precisely. The AS32M is compact, and requires minimal servicing.