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Shell and tube heat exchanger / gas/liquid
Epcon Industrial Systems, LP


  • Type:

    shell and tube

  • Fluid:



Heat Exchanger

Epcon's unique patented systems and our commitment to innovation keep us on the cutting edge of technology. Epcon is one of the few companies to have it's own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on site. Our 150,000 Sq. Ft. shop is full of modern fabricating machines such as lathes, drilling machines and drill presses. Contact us today for the solution to your heat processing needs.

Our Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are designed to transfer heat efficiently and effectively while reducing fuel consumption. A Heat Exchanger can be combined with any of our other systems or as a retrofit. In addition, Epcon has several designs that combine burnerless ovens with Thermal Oxidizers.

The price of the fuel necessary to run a Thermal Oxidizer can be exorbitant. In order to lower operating costs, a heat exchanger can be used. Heat Exchangers are used for transferring heat from one fluid (such as air) at higher temperature to another fluid at a lower temperature, thus making use of heat which would otherwise be expelled. In the various systems manufactured at Epcon, heat exchangers are used for the following purposes:

1. Pre-Heating the process gas as it enters the thermal oxidizer (also called Primary heat exchange). The heat is transferred from the hot gas leaving the combustion process to the cold air entering it. The two basic methods are Regenerative and Recuperative.
2. Using the gas for Secondary heating systems, such as process heating of the manufacturing facilities and heating boilers.


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