video corpo

Orbital laboratory agitator / vibrating / digital / flask
Innova® 2300 Eppendorf


  • Motion type:

    orbital, vibrating

  • Display:


  • Product applications:


  • Rotational speed:

    Min.: 25 rpm (157.08 rad.min-1)

    Max.: 500 rpm (3141.59 rad.min-1)


Eppendorf proudly presents the Innova Platform Shakers. Made flexible to use on bench, in an incubator or in a warm or cold room. Dependable operation is due in large part to the New Brunswick triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive. The Innova platform shaker model 2300 offers a "quick-change" platform kit for frequent changes; enables snapping platforms in place without tools. Naming its key competency that includes triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive which offers vibration and trouble free operation for years, silent operation favorable in the workplace, speed controls and also includes audible and visual alarms with automatic shut-off at the end of the study.


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