manual adjustable-volume pipette / single-channel / multi-channel
Research® plus series Eppendorf



  • Type:

    manual adjustable-volume

  • Number of channels:

    single-channel, multi-channel

  • Volume:

    1 ml (0.03 fl us oz)


The Eppendorf Research plus is backed by over 50 years of innovation expertise in liquid handling and is designed to offers the most safest heavy duty pipettes available in the market today. This device is extremely lightweight and requires small pipetting forces, making it extremely ergonomic in operation.

Fitted with a spring loaded nose cone, the Eppendorf Research plus delivers reduced ejection forces and lower tip attachment. It allows itself to be autoclaved in the assembled state. This device can be ordered with multi-channel options and as fixed volume pipettes. The Eppendorf Research plus is the one tool you cannot miss in your laboratory .