SCARA robot / 4-axis / packaging / pick-and-place
RS3 Series EPSON Europe



  • Type:


  • Number of axes:


  • Function:

    packaging, pick-and-place

  • Other characteristics:


  • Field:

    industrial, fast, automation, medical

  • Payload:

    Max.: 3 kg (6.614 lb)

    Min.: 1 kg (2.205 lb)

  • Reach:

    350 mm

  • Repeatability:

    0.01 mm


The Spider RS3-Series is a new species of four-axis SCARA robot, designed like a human arm, to work on horizontal planes. It's ideal for fast pick-and-place applications and assembly processes.

Cylindrical envelope

The RS3 is the first and only SCARA robot with a perfectly cylindrical envelope, meaning it can reach 100 percent of its area of activity, maximising productivity and minimising space requirement. The RS3 has a 350mm arm capable of working on pallet sizes which would normally require a SCARA arm almost 750mm in reach.

Compact high performance

RS3-Series Spider robots offer performance among the best in the industry, with cycle times as low as 0.34 seconds, even during extended use. A unique high-rigidity arm design means very low residual vibration, with smooth start and stop motion, even at high speeds.

Outstanding versatility

Spider RS3-Series robots can be used in a huge range of industries, from assembling automotive components, mobile phones and computer parts, to creating medical equipment and packaging medications, not to mention lab automation and scientific analysis.