hydrocarbon analyzer / petroleum / BTEX / benzene
ERASPEC eralytics



  • Measured entity:

    hydrocarbon, petroleum, BTEX, benzene, fuel, naphthalene

  • Measured value:

    concentration, spectrum, density, infrared absorption, wavelength

  • Configuration:

    benchtop, portable

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, automatic, monitoring, optical, digital, simultaneous, multi-parameter, rugged, data acquisition, with data logger, high-performance, for quality control, laboratory, cost-effective, with touchscreen, for hazardous environments, infrared, FT-IR


Spectral Fuel Analysis in Seconds

ERASPEC is eralytics’ industry-proven multi-fuel analyzer with several thousand installations worldwide. It offers measurements of fuel component concentrations and of complex parameters like RON or cetane number for gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and even specialized fuels like ethanol fuels. A single push of a button delivers all results in only 1 minute.

FTIR Fuel Analysis

In FTIR fuel analysis a spectrum of the analyzed fuel is recorded in the mid-infrared region using an Fourier transform spectrometer. Depending on the chosen method a single measurement is able to detect over 40 parameters within a few seconds. For gasoline measurements e.g. RON, MON, AKI, distillation properties, esters and aromatics concentrations are determined. When analyzing diesel aromatics, cetane improvers, biodiesel and many more can be quantified. Analyzing biodiesel ERASPEC distinguishes between FAME / FAEE and vegetable oil. It measures FAME in full compliance with ASTM D7806 and EN 14078. Typical parameters for jet fuel include FAME, aromatics, freezing and flash point, smoke point and distillation parameter, as well as viscosity.

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