early streamer emission lightning rod


  • Type:

    early streamer emission


Three air terminal models and accessories which are designed to comply with the Spanish UNE-21186 and the French NFC17-102 standards are encompassed in the ERITECH SI series. The ERITECH SI has been tested extensively at an independent high voltage laboratory and these tests have been carried out in accordance with NFC17-102 and UNE-21186 requirements.

It is ideal for most environments due to its stainless steel design. Three models are available which suit specific site requirements. The ERITECH SI is ideal for connection to numerous downconductor systems which include cable, smooth-weave, tape and an ERITECH ERICORE conductor. It is also fully compatible with ERITECH ERICORE cables and accessories and the ERITECH SYSTEM 3000 mast.

With the application being simplified by LPSD, ERICO's proprietary Lightning Protection System Designer Software, it provides the highest levels of lightning protection in accordance with the UNE and NFC country standards.