Magnetic grate separator / gravity / particle / circular
C, KCCD Eriez Magnetics Europe Limited


  • Technology:

    magnetic grate, gravity

  • Separated substance:


  • Other characteristics:



This is the Circular Drawer Grate which has been specially developed as a protection against fine and tramp iron contamination found in dry and free-flowing substances. It can be quickly as well as simply fitted in closed, vertical chutes or ducts via an opening made in the side. The latest Kwik Clean designs can give an easy method of removing collected iron in sites where high levels of ferrous contamination are seen. And thus it reduces the downtime. These models, the magnetic tubes are fixed in a thin sheath to which the collected iron is attracted. It has varieties of features which have mega rare Earth Magnetic Strength Kwik Clean designing . The single bank simple gasket and clams are secured in places as standard attractions. It can preserve the purity which can remove the small particles of magnetic scale, rust as well as fine iron contamination. It can safeguard valuable machinery as well as reduce the downtime with ease.


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