Magnetic grate separator / gravity / particle
GH, KCGH Eriez Magnetics Europe Limited


  • Technology:

    magnetic grate, gravity

  • Separated substance:



In situations posing fine and tramp iron contamination problem, Grate in Housing (GH) finds a lot of application

The standard model features two layers of magnetic grate, of Xtreme™ rare-earth magnetic strength, in a heavy-duty frame designed to easily fit into any existing chute work. The frame comes with flanges at top and bottom for easy positioning and a quick-release swing bolt that provides access for cleaning purposes.

The Kwik Clean version, as the name suggests, offers far easier way to clean the grates for use in applications requiring very low downtimes. The design involves retractable magnets placed inside sheaths. The magnets are inserted when the contaminants are to be collected and withdrawn at the disposal station, wherein the iron filings fall off. The magnets of Mega rare-earth magnetic strength work good for extreme ferrous contamination.


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