Magnetic grate separator / gravity / metal
D, KCD Eriez Magnetics Europe Limited


  • Technology:

    magnetic grate, gravity

  • Separated substance:



The Drawer Grate (D) by Eriez is designed to provide protection from fine and tramp iron contamination in dry and free-flowing substances. It offers easy installation in closed and vertical chutes or ducts, through an opening located in the side.

The design of the Kwik Clean Drawer Grate (KCD) can remove collection iron, and reduce downtime easily in high levels of ferrous contamination. The magnetic tubes are placed in a thin sheath for attracting the collected iron. The magnets are withdrawn from the sheath during cleaning cycle, and the ferrous particles fall off.

The D is equipped with Xtreme™ Rare Earth Magnetic Strength, while KCD features a Mega Rare Earth Magnetic Strength. Both are available with a single bank, and made in 304 stainless steel.


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