Mobile cleaner / with tank / sump
Eriez Magnetics Europe Limited


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    with tank, sump


The Eriez Sump Cleaner is ingeniously devised to deliver excellent and comprehensive cleaning of sumps of nearly every tool or machinery. The device not only cleans the sump, but also eliminates build up of materials such as sludge, chips and coolant.

The coolant is also filtered for removal of chips and sludge. Subsequently, the filtered coolant is returned either to the sump, or to a waste treatment facility for discarding or even to the Eriez Recycling System for efficient recycling.

All these processes are accomplished in ultra-quick times. The Sump Cleaner facilitates super-fast turnaround times. The Eriez Sump Cleaner is able to thoroughly clean a cylindrical grinder sump that contains 120 U.S. gallons i.e. 454 litres coolant and an incredible 700 pounds i.e. 318 kg sludge, along with filtering the coolant and returning it to the sump, in ten minutes flat.


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