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    for the recycling industry

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Portable Coalescer
This unit is designed for any size plant but especially for ones with multiple machine tools, having large central filtration systems, or aqueous parts washers. It offers simple, effective, low cost tramp oil removal.
The Eriez Portable coalescer consists of a self-priming dirty feed pump coupled to a floating skimming device that is placed in the sump. The dirty fluid is pumped into the coalesce tank where it comes in contact with two coalescing media plate packs that cause the tramp oils to separate from the fluid quickly and easily.
The oil free fluid is discharged back to the sump while the separated tramp oils are discharged out a separate port to a waste container.
Key features:
Two easily removeable oleophilic polypropylene coalescing plate packs (132 ft2 each) for maximum oil removal and cleaning
Tank drain valve for easy cleaning
Flotation oil skimmer to collect oils and dirty fluids from machine sump
Floating oil skimmer to collect oils and dirty fluids from machine sump
Self-priming electric or double diaphragm air pump used as “dirty” feed pump

Portable Coalescer Jr.
The Portable Coalescer Jr. is a high performance coalesce in a small package, perfect for modern CNC machine tool sumps. The unit comes with an air feed pump, a high efficiency coalescing plate pack, and a unique skimmer for removing floating tramp oils.
Key features:
Self-priming double diaphragm air pump to feed dirty coolant from the machine sump to the coalescer
Basket strainer in front of pump to remove small fines
Adjustable skimming device that can be adapted to work in sumps as shallow as 3”