water vacuum cleaner / compressed air / mobile / with tank
Eriez Magnetics Europe Limited



  • Type:

    water vacuum

  • Power source:

    compressed air

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    with tank, suction

  • Pressure:

    Max.: 7 psi

    Min.: 5 psi

  • Water output:

    40 us gal/min (151.42 l/min)


An Air Venturi vacuum generator creates vacuum levels up to 13" HG for suction rates up to 110 GPM while being able to pick up chips, sludge, grinding swarf and other solids. A pre-set air pressure regulator for discharge is set for 5-7 PSI, with tank depressurization valve for discharge rates up to 40 GPM.


• 7 PSI safety air pressure pop off valve

• 3.5 cubic foot chip basket in 65 and 100 gallon units, 5.3 cubic feet for 175 gallon and larger units, both with 800 pound capacity with hinged trap door bottom

• One 3' x 2" cleaning tool

• 20' L x 2" diameter suction & 1-1/2" diameter discharge hoses

• Heavy duty tank with 14’ easy on/off manhole cleanout on end of tank, plus easy lift chip basket lid

• Push-around configuration includes center mounted 12" x 3" wheels and two 4" x 2" casters mounted on each end, plus fork lift brackets