MMA welder / portable / with wire feeder / inverter
Warrior CC/CV ESAB



  • Technique:


  • Other characteristics:

    portable, with wire feeder, inverter, with integrated display, three-phase, DC

  • Current:

    Max.: 400 A

    Min.: 4 A


Warrior™ 400i MV is a reliable multi-process welding machine designed for heavy-duty productivity with up to 400 Amps delivered with superb arc characteristics. Inverter Technology – outstanding arc performance and energy savings expected from an inverter along with increased energy efficiency and more power from a lighter, smaller, and more portable unit High-Duty Cycle – for long runs across a variety of applications delivering 400 A at 60% duty cycle Durable and rugged – IP23 rating for outdoor and indoor use in rough environments Easy-to-use – clear and intuitive user interface to get started quickly with glove-friendly knobs for quick and easy adjustments Multi-voltage for the 220 VAC and 460 VAC, 3 phase customers