motorized welding positioner / rotary / 3-axis
TAP series ESAB



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ESAB Three Axis Positioners TAP-HD are in fact the best answer to the problem of lifting,
rotating and tilting demanding workpieces. Height, angle and speed are stepless adjustable.
ESAB Positioners exceed the strictest international EN safety requirements. ESAB welding
positioners are designed and built for tough engineering workshop conditions. All the positioners
come with a low voltage (24V) remote control unit for all functions. For daily work, these new
positioners offer perfect solutions with optimized motor and gear drive sizes. The positioners of
TAP-HD series have 3-axis; height, tilting angle and rotation. Thus 3-axis operation guarantees
the Ideal ergonomic working position. The rotation speed is controlled by means of Inverter. All
drives are equipped with AC-motors which require less maintenance, no carbon-brush to
change. The hydraulics for height and tilt adjustment are equipped with built-in safety valves
preventing hose-fallure. Mechanically and electrically the positioner has been designed more
compact and with fewer components meaning not only easier maintenance but smaller number
of spare parts as well. Compared with TAP series, TAP-HD got Higher Rotation torque, smaller
backlash on table top and more stable on front back swaying.