plastic sheet extrusion line / sheet / for thermoplastics
esde Maschinentechnik GmbH



  • Type:

    plastic sheet, sheet

  • Treated material:

    for thermoplastics


Plastic sheets are ambitious finished products. The optical qualities have to satisfy.
For Sheets demanding high Quality

esde extruders with innovative drive technology and efficiently designed processing unit facilitate economical production with minimum space requirement.

The polishing stack ensures that the sheets receive their high quality optical surface due to the employment of special drives with the smallest possible clearance. For the creation of various patterns the embossing roll can optionally be equipped with a quick-change system. Following the polishing unit are

Thickness gauging system
Roller train
Edge trimmer
Separating and stacking units.

The longitudinal cutting unit is either a manually pivoted blade cutting system or an electrically driven rotating knife cutting system, allowing the desired sheet width to be set while in operation. The cross cutting unit will be placed on a movable base frame and accelerated to web speed before carrying out the cut.