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    CAM, database


KnowledgeBase gives you the power to leverage your shop's most important strategic assets — its best machining practices developed over the years — for maximized productivity and a sharpened competitive edge. ESPRIT's KnowledgeBase™ provides a push-button approach for any programmer or operator to determine the best method to machine a given part or feature by automatically selecting the most appropriate machining cycles, cutting tools, and machining parameters. Free your lead CNC programmers from repetitive parts programming, let them focus on strategic process planning to further improve your best practices — and take your enterprise to a whole new level of production machining.

Streamline Programming
With ESPRIT's KnowledgeBase™ the days of relying on your memory to recall what worked before are gone. In KnowledgeBase™, process-specific information is stored securely and is readily available to any operator or programmer. ESPRIT uses the accumulated "knowledge" of your shop's best practices and preferred methods to automate CNC programming. Streamline your parts programming with ESPRIT's KnowledgeBase™ and achieve an unprecedented degree of automation, quality, and consistency.


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