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CAM software / for multi-function milling-turning machines / 3D
SolidMillTurn® ESPRIT by DP Technology



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    for multi-function milling-turning machines

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The metalworking field increasingly depends on multitasking machine tools with the ability to mill, turn, and drill allowing for parallel milling and turning operations that take place on the front and back of a part during during one set up. They can have the potential for large profit gains, but only if used in the combination with the proper CAM system, as they impose inherent programming challenges due to their extreme complexity. Pre-packaged software solution ESPRIT offers a new solution to programming complex multitasking machines, like post processor writing and machine definition. ESPRIT takes pride in cooperating with machine builders in order to deliver a complete programming solution fit for a specific multitasking machine. These machine tools are pre-configured, developed, and tested at factory level.