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Automated dispensing system
max 100 000 dots/hour | Scorpion Essemtec AG


The Scorpion can administer up to 100000 dabs for every hour with a precision of 51μm (3σ). The extraordinary execution is accomplished because of the new gadget base, the Paraquda machine stage. The working scope of the Scorpion is greater than most other administering frameworks. The Scorpion stage might be arranged in-accordance with SMEMA interface or as a standalone framework. The adaptable stage could be outfitted with up to four valves and can administer different materials, for example, warm oil, hotness sink glue and silicone sealants too. The piezo stream plane valve settles a lot of people generally troublesome administering errands. It even can apportion nonstop lines by putting spots near one another. Substantial and little volumes might be changed, which is not doable with other valve sorts. Programming and operation are simple and permit the adaptable customization of methodology parameters.

Dispenses dots, lines, curves, interpolated curves or multiple layers. Max. PCB Dimension 540x430mm, Min. PCB Dimension 20x20mm, Jet valve, time-pressure, piezo flow valve


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