reflow soldering machine / semi-automatic / for PCB
ro400fc Essemtec AG



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    for PCB


The Patching of complex SMD sheets and new bundle advances obliges a decently controlled binding methodology. The Ro400fc uses full convection just to high temperature Pcbs homogeniously. The convection engineering utilization vertical laminar stream, offers a proficient hotness exchange with the least delta T values. This innovation makes the Ro400fc suitable for lead free patches, also to Zone temperatures including three preheat and one top are completely programmable.

The machine is also composed of shut circle controlled transport speed. Zone temperatures are measured inside the wind stream to ensure profound reproducible patching conditions. The general lattice sash or the exact chain transport transports single or twofold sided barricades to 400 mm (15.7").It has Full convection warming for even temperature dispersion.