SMT pick-and-place machine
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SMT pick-and-place machine SMT pick-and-place machine - paraquda


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    for SMT


The award-winning Paraquda platform processes all types of components from 01005 to large components or connectors. Unmatched changeover times and a highly flexible assembly are ensured by the highest number of feeder slots per square meter in the market, intelligent, servo-driven kitting without production stop, and an intuitive, touch screen-based operation. It offers the ability to combine Placement and dispensing.

Paraquda is equipped with Essemtecs eeZ-Technology (eMis & ePlace) for improving the quality and increasing the flexibility of the electronics manufacturing. Thanks to the easy integration with modern ERP and production planning systems the Paraquda is the ideal equipment for high mix production with ever changing production schedules.

Dispensing on pick-and-place systems

Paraquda combines two different production steps within one platform (solder paste jetting and SMD assembly). The Paraquda meets all of the requirements of a modern, highly flexible production system: changeover without downtime, component management, and the integration of jet printing of solder paste or glue.

- Paraquda 4 - 4-axis placement head, up to 15,000 cph (theoretical speed)
- Paraquda 2 2-axis placement head, up to 10,500 cph (theoretical speed)
- Up to 240 feeder positions
- Component range 01005 to 80x70 mm, height up to 25 mm
- Up to 2 dispensing valves can be integrated
- Intuitive, easy operation using the new platform ePlace
- Job and quality management integrated
- High speed placement head with real-time trajectory optimization
- Changeover without downtime
- hyQ-feeder for different tape sizes
- FLX feeders can be re-used on Paraquda