SMT pick-and-place machine
cobra Essemtec AG

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SMT pick-and-place machine SMT pick-and-place machine - cobra


  • Applications:

    for SMT


Cobra’s Pick-and-Place Machine is designed and manufactured in Switzerland, and comes with an exceptional feeder capacity. It has the ability to pick 240 intelligent feeders from all four directions.

It is known for being the most modern SMT pick-and-place machine in the world, and is the first to bring high levels of flexibility in the pick-and-place segment, with an throughput of an 8-axes placer. The machine is built using state-of-art material to ensure efficiency and accuracy, leading to cost-effective SMT manufacturing.

There are many accessories that come with Cobra, which include 8 high-speed axis placement heads with real-time trajectory optimization, up to 21,000 cph. The component sizes vary from 01005 to 80 x 70 mm, and up to 25 mm height.

The most attractive feature is ePlace, a new platform that allows ease of operation. Cobra comes with a perfectly integrated job and quality management. There is no downtime involved during changing over. HyQ-feeder comes in different tape sizes. Cobra also allows reuse of FLX feeders.