Adhesive dispensing system / screw / automatic / jetting
Scorpion Essemtec AG


  • Applications:

    for adhesives

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, jetting


Versatile Dispensing System

The Scorpion can dispense up to 100000 dots per hour with an accuracy of 51μm (3σ). The exceptional performance is achieved due to the new dispenser base, the Paraquda machine platform. The working range of the Scorpion is bigger than most other dispensing systems.

The Scorpion platform can be configured in-line with SMEMA interface or as a standalone system. The versatile platform can be equipped with up to four valves and is able to dispense other materials such as thermal grease, heat sink paste and silicone sealants as well. The piezo flow jet valve solves many otherwise difficult dispensing tasks. It even can dispense continuous lines by placing dots close to each other. Large and small volumes can be altered, which is not feasible with other valve types. Programming and operation are easy and allow the flexible customization of process parameters.

- Dots, lines or curves
- 3D dispensing
- Very high dispensing speed
- Automatic height compensation
- Automatic width adjustment
- Automatic parameter correction at change of viscosity
- Up to four dispensing valves per machine
- Jet, screw, needle and time-pressure valves
- Intuitive, easy operation using the new platform eDis


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