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OLED programmable button panel
-10 °C ... +35 °C, 2.0 HID Esterline Interface Technologies

The "Splash" Programmable OLED Button Panel is a revolutionary step forward in gaming technology. Now, dynamic content and animation sequencing can be displayed on each intelligent OLED button. Coupled with programmable RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs on the perimeter of each button assembly, Gaming OEMs can easily create exciting, interactive content for each button using simple Windows based development tools.

The Programmable Button Panel supports multiple button assemblies. Each button assembly incorporates a clear plastic button top over a graphical OLED display and a translucent bezel. Under the bezel and around the perimeter of each button is an array of eight programmable RGB LEDs. Each button contains an on-board micro controller and flash memory for local content storage. Each button can store multiple sequences and animations. Buttons are accessed and controlled via a single USB (HID) connection from the Host application. No special drivers are required. The USB protocol handles error checking, acknowledgements, etc.

Animation sequences are built, tested and downloaded to the panel using a simple Windows based software tool called the Resource Builder. The resource builder supports 1 to 15 buttons per panel.


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