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current meter / industrial / compact / DIN rail
ES eTactica



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    compact, DIN rail, three-phase, single-phase


The ES is a current indication device designed to measure AC currents up to 500A. The ES is applied when the maximum current of the MCBs exceeds 63A, if only a few individual circuits need to be measured or for retrofit in installations with ceramic fuses or Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB).The ES is a compact unit (2 horizontal pitches/TE) with 6 CT (current transformer) input channels for monitoring up to 2 three-phase circuits or 6 single-phase circuits.The ES has a built in microcontroller and supports the industrial standard Modbus/RTU slave interface via RS485, for connecting external concentrators or data gateways. Each ES device has a unique identifier and you can connect multiple ES devices to a single EG, or any other data gateway that supports Modbus/RTU.The meter is available in three different configurations, according to primary current measurement range; 0-80A, 0-200A and 0-500A. Dedicated non-invasive current transformers are included for each product and are provided by eTactica. The transformer design is ideal for energy metering, power quality, and automation applications with turns-ratio 1:3000, providing secondary current outputs in the mA range.