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level monitoring relay / time delay / DIN rail
002471715 ETI



  • Measured/monitored value:


  • Other characteristics:

    time delay, DIN rail

  • Trigger voltage:

    Max.: 240 V

    Min.: 24 V


This Level monitoring relay is meant for monitoring the levels in contraptions like pools, well, tanks and reservoirs. This device lets the user choose from a couple of configurations (1) one-level switch of conductive liquids (by connecting H and D) and (2)two-level switch of conductive liquids. While the one-level switch is good for monitoring one level, the other is perfect for tracking on two levels, when there are switches on two levels. Choice of functions are PUMP UP and PUMP DOWN. The user can have an adjustable time delay on the output from 0.5 - 10s. A potentiometer helps adjust the sensitivity from 5-100kΩ. polarization of liquid and raising oxidation of measuring probes is avoided by the measuring frequency 10Hz. Relay features a galvanically separated supply voltage from UNI 24 to 240 VAC/DC. There is 1xchangeover output contact 8A/250V ACI. This one-module device can be mounted on a DIN rail.