polypropylene film capacitor / cylindrical / power factor correction / self-healing
004656640 ETI



  • Type:

    polypropylene film

  • Configuration:


  • Technical characteristics:

    power factor correction

  • Other characteristics:


  • Voltage:

    400 V

  • Capacitance:

    12.5 µF


The LPC capacitors are used for reactive power factor correction of inductive consumers (transformers, electric motors, rectifiers, fluorescent
lamps and many others in industrial networks) individually or assembled into automatic capacitor banks.
LPC capacitors are manufactured with low loss metallized self-healing
polypropylene film. Dry type capacitors are filled with a non-toxic an
ecological polyurethane resin, this resin provides an excellent heat dissipation
properties. This capacitors are mounted in aluminium housing
with overpressure disconnection system. Two types of connectors,
faston connector for capacitors with rated power up to 5kVAr, for
higher values above 5kVAr screw terminal type.

Self healing
Depending on the values of the constants of every dielectric, there is a limit potential difference, which all materials can manage throughout
the thickness. This limit is defined as dielectric strength. Because of determined electric-power system conditions or extreme temperatures,
inadmissible for the correct working of the capacitor, this voltage limit can be exceeded. Thus, the dielectric can break down and an
electric arc will be formed between the plates.
The propylene film self-healing means that the electric arc will not generate a short circuit, but will evaporate the metal which surrounds
the breakthrough point. This way, the isolation between plates is repaired in the latter breakthrough point. After this self-healing, the
capacitor can work in normal conditions, with a capacitance leak inferior to 100 pF.