video corpo

level control relay / DIN rail / time delay
002471701 ETI



  • Measured/monitored value:


  • Other characteristics:

    DIN rail, time delay


The Level Switch HRH - 1 is used for level tracking in tanks, wells, reservoirs and wells. The Level Switch HRH - 1 has one switch with single state tracking, the other switch for double state tracking and two separate switches with single state switching.

With the DIP switch one can choose the drain in, drain out and combination. The Level Switch HRH - 1 has a changeable time delay when triggered by the level adjustment which is opted by the DIP switch. The sensitivity could be changed by the potentiometer available in the unit.

The Level switch HRH - 1 has a 50Hz frequency which prohibits liquid polarization and incremental oxidation of evaluating probes. The power supply of the HRH - 1 is AC 230 V, AC/DC 24 V or AC 110V.