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low-voltage disconnect switch
1 000 - 1 500 V | LA series ETI


  • Voltage level:


  • VAC:

    Max.: 1500 V

    Min.: 1000 V


Switch disconnectors LA Generalities LA is a line of disconnectors that are suitable in the breaking of load and disconnecting of low voltage electrical purposes. Switch disconnector can be used for multiple applications sch as main switches, switch for motor, disconnector and safety switch. General characteristics of the unit are, rated insulation voltage stands at 1000 VAC and 1500 VDC - 3 and four poles available. Unit provides high breaking capacity (AC-22, AC-23, IEC 60947-3) high mechanical and electrical endurance, double break contacts, cleaning contacts and the contact position is positively indicated by the handle. The visibility of fixing along with the moving of contacts takes place by means of window. Independent manual operations and neutral contract makes earlier and open later when compared to phase contacts. Providing suitable protection to prevent accidents. Cased in self extinguishing (V0-UL94), low hydroscopic and high mechanical resistance isolating materials.


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