video corpo

Single-pole push-button switch / illuminated / electromechanical / standard
HD, HF series ETI


  • Number of poles:


  • Other characteristics:

    illuminated, electromechanical, standard

  • Protection level:



Actuators and Indicators are utilized in control circuits for direct and remote operation control. They are ideal for utilization in fields of application such as commercial establishments, domestic structures, and other industries. These components (aside from integral and LED indicators) are equipped with integrated First Row Clip systems. They also sport ingress protection levels of IP 65 and IP 67, with the exception of illuminated symmetric head, lever head, tip head, and lock and key configurations. This is due to the unique construction designs of these model variations.

The Actuators and Indicators feature a withdrawable "O" position key (specifically for lock and key head actuators). These withdrawable keys are particularly standard features of the lock and key head actuator models.


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