compression load cell / corrosion-resistant / strain gauge / pedal
UL series Euro Press Pack Spa Unipersonale


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    corrosion-resistant, strain gauge, pedal

  • Rated load:

    Max.: 23000 kg (50706.32 lb)

    Min.: 5500 kg (12125.42 lb)


The UL series load cells are completely nitrided to make them highly corrosion resistant. They are available in two variants, namely, UL with solid rod and ULF with hollow rod. The former is fitted with a spherical push saddle for off center load alignment and the latter is used to insert threaded rods or tie bars. All models have ± 2,5% of accuracy and all are provided with Kg marked pressure gauges having a maximum indicating pointer to indicate the maximum load.