side-mount electrical cabinet air conditioner / for telecommunication equipment / outdoor



  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    for telecommunication equipment

  • Other characteristics:


  • Cooling power:

    10,700 W, 7,400 W, 14,400 W, 6,300 W (36,509.9 BTU/h)


CT line is a range of packaged air conditioning units specifically designed for indoor control enters and telecommunication relay stations.

The conditioner's configuration can be adapted in order to be mounted inside the room that needs to be cooled, according to your needs.

The CT line includes units with cooling capacities from 6,3 to 14KW for both mounting configurations (external and internal) in single phase or three phase current.

This line has been designed it be easily adapted to any kind of redundancy or centralized regulation and control of the conditioners in complex installations, including remote control.

All units are provided with a free cooling system in their standard version, which allows significant energy saving when external conditions are suitable. They are also provided with an integrated regulator and temperature and pressure probes.

All the conditioners are delivered with a remote control panel (for external units) or an integrated control panel (for internal units).

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