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lubricant fluid / synthetic lubricant fluid / synthetic - Eurol Syncool NT


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Synthetic, water soluble cutting fluid for various metalworking operations

Eurol® Syncool NT is a synthetic, oil-free, water soluble cutting fluid.

Eurol® Syncool NT is formulated from high performance raw materials and does not contain mineral, white or vegetable oil. It will not easily mix with these products either, so the product will not be contaminated with tramp oil.

Eurol® Syncool NT is biodegradable and has no dangerous goods classification. The product has an excellent bacteria resistance, resulting in a long sump life (tramp oil has to be skimmed regularly).

Eurol® Syncool NT can be used for several metalworking operations* on several metals, providing optimum cooling and corrosion protection.

Eurol® Syncool NT has good lubricity properties, offering an excellent surface finish. The product is relatively friendly to the skin and does not contain nitrites or esters from boric acids.

Eurol® Syncool NT extends tool life and increased production rates can be obtained. Compared to mineral oil based products, Eurol® Syncool NT has less drag-out which will reduce consumption.

Performance level

Recommended mixing ratio: 6% (1:16) ~Brix 2,4

For light duty operations a further dilution till 3% (1:33) can be applied ~1,2 Brix

* Not for deep drilling operations and tapping of aluminium

To be stored above 0°C