thermocouple thermometer / digital / tabletop / HVAC
BMT EUROLEC Instrumentation



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  • Applications:

    HVAC, laboratory, for food

  • Temperature:

    Max.: 400 °C (752 °F)

    Min.: -250 °C (-418 °F)


A range of bench-top reference and general purpose thermometers designed for accurate temperature measurements.The RT162 & RT163 instruments are high accuracy reference thermometers and use the high accuracy TP162G probe.The BM Series support a wide range of sensors including K & T-Type as well as the PT100 and PT1000 for high accuracy measurements. High performance bench top thermometers Ideal for calibration laboratories & testing environments High precision RT Series Multi-input BM Series RS232 & Alarm/Relay output options for BM Series Support for K & T Type Thermocouples and PT1000/PT100 probes