relative pressure transducer / thin-film / ceramic / analog
HPMA 1 EUROLEC Instrumentation



  • Pressure type:


  • Technology:

    thin-film, ceramic

  • Output signal:


  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, for liquids and gases, for HVAC systems

  • Pressure range:

    Min.: 0 bar (0 psi)

    Max.: 1 bar (14.5 psi)


Pressure transducer inc. 2M cable (0 - 1Bar)
Eurolec HPMA1 high quality pressure transducers with 2M cable. V2A stainless steel construction with ceramic diaphragm. 0 - 1Bar range. 4-20mA output for use with the C21 MA universal indicator/alarm. Applications include Gas flow measurement Laboratory/Chemical/Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Environmental, HVAC, Maintenance, Diagnostics.